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Morocco is a vast country, larger than California and twice the size of the UK. Getting around Morocco has in the past been a challenge that involves many hours in a car to get from A to B.

With Air Arabia and Royal Air Maroc introducing a number of new internal routes, the best of Morocco is now much more accessible thereby reducing journey times considerably. Not all the flights operate daily but with our knowledge and expertise we can tailor make trips to make use of these services and give you the opportunity to explore the cultural and geographic diversity of Morocco much more easily and speedily.

It should be noted that these internal flights are currently very well priced. Currently, a flight between Marrakech and Fez for example (or vice versa) can be had from $30/£25 per person one way, baggage costs are extra. This is if you self-book, if we are asked to do reservations on your behalf there would be an administration fee.


The new high speed train (TGV/LGV) between Casablanca and Tangiers is now running. Previously it took some 5 hours by train, now it is about 2 hours. It is being extended to run to Marrakech but no dates are yet known. Fares start from around $25/£22 per person one way first class. This is if you self-book, if we are asked to do reservations on behalf of a client we do charge an administration fee.

For clients booking after 1 January 2019, we provide a complimentary AIRPORT FAST TRACK IMMIGRATION SERVICE for arrivals at Casablanca and Marrakech airports only.

Please note this service is complimentary and can be affected, although very rarely, by sudden airport management decisions that are beyond our control.